RoboFuse is a powerful and fully scalable platform for IoT solutions that blend in and transform your business.

What do you get with RoboFuse

RoboFuse is a fully-equipped cloud platform built by Ropardo with the purpose to provide IoT services and products. Collecting data from connected smart devices and sensors, RoboFuse adds value to business processes and users lifestyle.

Connect Devices

Use standard APIs and services to connect, manage and control devices and applications

Achieve Insight

Capitalize IoT collected data to enable trusted automation and predictable business processes

Secure Data

Filter, analyse and manage data flow in a secure and functional environment

RoboFuse Features

RoboFuse IoT Platform Structure

  • RoboFuse runs in the cloud enabling redundancy and scaling
  • REST APIs ensures apps and functionality building
  • Unlimited storage for data collected from devices
  • Advanced data filtering for your applications
  • Robust concepts for modelling data
  • Extensive library of compatible devices
  • Full support for indoor and outdoor locations and positioning
  • Advanced rule engine to analyze and react to data and events
  • Fine-grained role-based access control

We work by your side

Do you want to activate the smart IoT dimension to boost your own products and services? We would love to work with you!

Do you have an idea for an innovative project? We can help find national or international funding opportunities.