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Welcome to RoboFuse – the developers’ friendly IoT platform

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As part of the RoboFuse platform, a variety of tools, technologies, SDKs, APIs, and protocols are available to create a variety of IoT solutions.

Your IoT journey is a chance for you to innovate! You need to connect “things” quickly, start in minutes, and simplify a lot of processes. There is a need for flexibility to add (your own )”things“ to the platform that other platforms do not accept, enable data integration with other platforms, and be free to develop them all.

Interested in low code IoT, but also looking for development freedom? The RoboFuse IoT platform is right for you.

RoboFuse is built with:

On-Prem, Hybrid, or Cloud

Complete full-scale capabilities for rapid IoT development

RoboFuse is built for developers

The RoboFuse is a powerful and developer-friendly IoT platform. It provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to develop IoT solutions, applications, and enables the automation of connected devices.

  • Device management
  • Data aggregation and data management
  • Connectivity and message routing
  • Event management
  • Core analytics
  • User interface
  • Application enablement

Overview of the topics and services


IoT device management

Manage, update, control, and service your IoT devices throughout their entire life cycle

IoT data management & analytics

Collect, process, store, assess, and use your IoT data to the maximum

IoT edge & analytics

Empower the intelligent edge and enable your devices for IoT

Who can use RoboFuse

Industries and beneficiaries of our IoT platform


Healthcare | Logistics | Manufacturing


Healthcare | Manufacturing | Automotive


Hospitals | Insurance | Transportation


Connected World

We integrate everyThing easily and naturally into end-users daily routines. Real-time synced data ensures the right information at the right time for the right role.

Advanced-Data Analytics

RoboFuse provides both Internet of Things and Business Intelligence solutions. It helps optimize the use of resources based on data filtered at the edge.

Innovative Solutions

Trusted digitized processes allow your business to innovate and grow. We respond to end-users’ present needs with future-proof apps.

Tech Expertise

10+ years of IoT services counts a large library of devices handled. It speaks for RoboFuse readiness to improve processes and productivity in any industry.


Cloud hosts user IoT solutions in a secure and functional environment. It guarantees safe and timely collection, management and distribution of data.

Saves Time and Costs

Our IoT services ensure the efficient development of innovative applications and to go live in any industry in a cost and time-effective way.

No more stumbling blocks left in your way

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How it works

RoboFuse IoT empowers developers to develop full IoT solutions fast.
This allows your business to adopt an extremely efficient, low-effort, rapid-refinement, and agile approach to IoT solution creation.


Connect multiple devices based on your defined policy.


Trigger actions automatically from device to cloud and cloud to device.


Condition monitoring, real-time analytics and fully configurable dashboards.


Extend from raw data of machines to enterprise systems, edge devices and more with REST APIs.


End-to-end security as a result of enhanced authentication methods and technologies.


Hardware, connectivity, building and selling apps to state-of-art visualizations, it's all for you to succeed!

Specialties & professional services

Rapid IoT solutions

RoboFuse offers Internet of Things development services, enabling customers to build custom apps that connect to devices. Thus, it facilitates a better life and empowers businesses with IoT products.

Experienced team

Our RoboFuse team launched SaaS and PaaS-based products for organizations both in and out of the IoT Space. Having experience with 100+ IoT projects in 5+ years, we’ll make sure you’re on the right path with your product, from concept to deployment.

Connected devices

We extend existing enterprise and consumer solutions into IoT, turning connected distributed devices and gadgets into valuable assets that drive customer engagement or monitor and manage crucial data.

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