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Connect, manage and control smart devices.
Use insights from collected data.
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RoboFuse - the chosen ready-to-use IoT platform on international market

Reason One

Our Mission

Create both innovative and reliable IOT solutions and make it possible for our customers to operate end-user applications efficiently and in real-time.

Reason Two

Our Vision

Make a difference for individuals, the society and organisations through sustainable healthcare, quality of life, logistics and personal safety services delivered with IoT technology.

IoT Platform Applications

Connected Healthcare

Body data integration software responds to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare, providing a personalized easy-to-use software designed for patients to adopt a health-aware lifestyle.
RoboFuse integrates mobile, cloud and medical IoT technologies to create digital care pathways for users and help people adopt healthy lifestyles.
Thus, RoboFuse enables remote patient monitoring, secured messaging and automated health coaching. They interact with patients through individual messages and/or implements preventive care standards with just-in-time, contextualized reminders. With the digital tools at hand, they can deliver quality care.

Digital Occupational Health & Safety

The interaction between a human operator and a machine is done through Human Machine Interfaces based on visual, auditory and tactile human senses.
Human Machine Interfaces, with easy control, personalization and monitoring of the exoskeleton, a smartphone and interactive glasses, have practical application in occupational health in heavy industry.
For this, RoboFuse integrates mobile applications, web portals and wearable devices serving industry specific purposes.

IoT Platform Benefits

Connected World

We integrate everyThing easily and naturally in end-users daily routine. Real-time synced data ensures right information at the right time to the right role.

Advanced Data Analytics

RoboFuse provides both Internet of Things and Business Intelligence solutions. It helps optimise the use of resources based on data filtered at the edge.

Innovative Solutions

Trusted digitized processes allow your business to innovate and grow. We respond to end-users’ present needs with future-proof apps.

Tech Expertise

10+ years of IoT services counts a large library of devices handled. It speaks for RoboFuse readiness to improve processes and productivity in any industry.


Cloud hosts user IoT solutions in a secure and functional environment. It guarantees safe and timely collection, management and distribution of data.

Saves Time and Costs

Our IoT services ensure an efficient development of innovative applications and to go live in any industry in a cost and time effective way.

Who are our Partners

Our partners deliver a wide range of services using the RoboFuse IoT platform: body parameters monitoring, occupational health and safety, hospital data management, goods delivery monitoring. For them, RoboFuse collects, processes and manages data from devices, sensors and wearables.


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