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IoT solutions built with RoboFuse

Industry Digitalisation and Automation Solutions

Arrowhead Tools – the European Investment for Digitalisation and Automation Leadership is addressing efficiency and flexibility at the global scale by means of collaborative automation for five application verticals: manufacturing, smart buildings and infrastructures, electro-mobility, energy production, and virtual market of energy.

RoboFuse, developed by Ropardo, provides an IoT turnkey solution and allows business applications to access real-time data without much engineering work. Acting as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), RoboFuse facilitates device communication and management, data storage, and app creation, while adhering to robust security protocols.
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IoT solutions for smart city

Health Awareness Apps

Pegaso Fit for Future is a personalized guidance service that for optimizing lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement. The engaging activities challenge them on their own turf: smartphones, social platforms, and games.

RoboFuse integrates cloud IoT technologies and smart devices (smartphones, watches, bracelets) to create out-of-the-box user experiences and help people adopt healthy lifestyles. Users are backed by families, physicians and other support people and will know where and when to ask for help. Users feel cared for and motivated in their home comfort.

Heart Rate Monitoring App

Heart Rate Scenario application is for people who want to improve their lifestyle and they can do it by measuring biometric data. Particularly, the app address patients suffering from heart conditions or having supported specific medical procedures (stents, by-passes) who still want to have an active life and practice sports.

RoboFuse is the platform the app was built on from the ground, embodying devices like t-shirt sensors, Android smartphones, a web application and IoT connectivity technology. The sensor in the t-shirt takes information from the body and communicates it to the smartphone application that reads it for the user and the web application (portal). During physical activities the smartphone application monitors and stores, evaluating the received heart rate values.

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Occupational Safety Apps

RoboHMI offers an improved human-robot experience with easy control, personalization and monitoring of the integrated exoskeleton to reduce industry-specific medical conditions and ensure professional healthcare while enhancing production.

For RoboHMI, RoboFuse incorporates modern technologies like touch screens, voice activation, gesturing, virtual reality while simultaneously accommodating diverse functions and making the result intuitive and easy to use.

Monitoring App for Smarter Delivery

CockPit web application monitors, displays and analyzes data collected from multiple modules being successfully used in food transportation industry.
CockPit monitors in real-time the temperature in trucks by reading multiple sensors integrated in euro pallets. A constant temperature is maintained despite the large size of trucks. Thus, complaint rates decrease significantly.

RoboFuse embodied temperature sensors, mobile devices, web applications and IoT connectivity technology.

Plantar Pressure Control Apps

Another module of My Wear, the plantar pressure app is for diabetic people, in particular, who need to have this parameter measured in order to monitor and take action against possible specific injuries.
The Plantar Pressure application can be successfully used in clinics or for personal purposes such as monitoring and assisted living.

RoboFuse IoT platform ensures adequate data acquisition even on less powerful devices and regardless the type of internet connections. It embodies three devices: shoes, the Android smartphone, and a web application. The sensor in the shoes takes information from the body and sends it to the smartphone acquire, store and analyze the plantar pressure data and notifies the user about plantar pressure problems. The data can also be analyzed in the web application accessed via email and password credentials.

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